What is Robotic Engineering all about?

Robotics Engineering is a relatively new field of engineering which is solely related to building and improving robots. A robotics engineer spends most of his time designing and planning to make newer and more efficient robots. It also involves designing of processes on which the robots run and also the making of machines which will assemble the robots. The rest of the time is spend on assembly, building and testing of the robots. circles-1531739_640To answer the question simply, robotics engineering is totally dedicated to robots – their designing, building, configuration, assembly, testing and improvement. Software systems to control the robotic systems are also designed. Many robotic systems are designed to automate the processes of specific industries to increase their precision levels and production. The robotics engineer closely analysed and then evaluated the designs and builds a prototype which is tested and improved with further analysis. This is a never ending work because the technology is evolving and advancing rapidly with every passing day. Robotics Engineering is a new but very exciting field because man has always been fascinated by God’s work and this fascination has lead him to try and make machines which replicate the God’s creation or make something similar to it nonetheless. Robots with highly efficient artificial intelligence are being made but still man has a long way to go to create something which is somewhere close to the God’s creation. Robotics engineering involves a lot of research related to the designing, production, operation and use of the robotic systems. Most of this research is dedicated to finding solutions to automate the industrial tasks. Moreover, there is a good amount of research done on improving artificial intelligence and now the work is being done to understand and replicate human emotions and make the robots learn to express them. It is believed that someday the robots may become efficient enough to take the place of humans but still there is long way to go.  

Increase Your Promotional Value by Purchasing Instagram Likes

Marketing is a very important part of promotion. Regardless of whether you are trying to draw attention to yourself or a specific brand, marketing is an essential component for generating consumer awareness in a specific area or niche. Why marketing is so important Every industry, such as: sales, health & beauty, services and more, have a marketing component to increase consumer interest. The better the strategy in promoting the brand, the more likely you are to convert leads into actual customers. Social media as a marketing tool In the current technological era, social media platforms have extremely high usage and the more popular mediums draw millions of users daily. More popular social media platforms include: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Since social media platforms are wildly popular across various demographics, strategically skilled marketers use those platforms to their unique advantage. However, you do not have to have experience in marketing to use social media for promotional growth.   Instagram as the best approach Instagram is a rising social media platform, with over 700 million active users. What makes Instagram so attractive is the fact that users mainly post in visual form. Photos are the primary way to use Instagram, although, it has recently added particular features such as: live stories and more. When considering how to promote a brand, niche or yourself, Instagram should be a very important factor to think about. Instagram has several uses, such as hashtags and other features, which can greatly help you in promoting your industry. Sometimes, when you first start out on Instagram, you are unsure on how to get people to take notice to your product. Whatever you are promoting may be absolutely terrific, but if no one knows to come look at your Instagram page, it can feel like a worthless endeavor. Purchasing Instagram likes for promotional value One strategic approach to increasing your promotional value on Instagram is to purchase likes. You may first feel like purchasing likes is a form of “cheating.” However, that conclusion would be far from the truth. In all actuality, buying likes and followers from a service (for example: likes no instagram) is a perfect way to strategically leverage the playing field with competition that has been around longer and has a more established reputation. From a marketing perspective, purchasing Instagram likes will help you establish the initial credibility that all consumers want to feel when considering a new product or buying into a new brand. Buying likes will also likely contribute to new followers, because most people will follow a page that has a significant number of likes, within an industry of any interest. If you have a product that you are struggling to promote, consider purchasing Instagram likes. Buying likes can be a very effective tool, when you need to draw attention to a valuable niche. Put yourself ahead of the game and find out more about purchasing likes today.

What Are The LED T8 Replacement Tubes?

LED T8 tube is a light that is replacing the fluorescent lights. The LED T8 tubes are similar to the fluorescent bulbs, except the design and material is different. The LED T8 bulbs are made of plastic not glass, there is no mercury in them, no filaments and there is no argon gas and any other type of gas that goes into the fluorescent tubes. The LED T8 bulb has a lot of little tiny lights on a pc board. The back of the pc board are capacitors. The capacitors are connected to a positive wire and a negative wire, which is then connected to the end of the light. The Purpose Of The LED T8 Replacement Tube The LED T8 bulbs are made to be more energy efficient then the fluorescent lights. The LED T8 bulbs consume less electricity, so the energy bill will be less. The LED T8 lights do not flicker when it’s about to stop working nor does it flicker in the cold or when it has to warm up. The LED T8 tubes are so much brighter. The reason for this is that the LED T8 has a lot of little tiny light throughout the whole tube, whereas the fluorescent light only has the two filaments (one on each end)to light up with nothing in the middle. Installation Of The LED T8 Replacement Tubes Installing the LED T8 replacement tubes is really easy. Take the fluorescent tube out and replace it with the LED T8 tube. There is no need for an electrician, most LED tubes work in the fluorescent light fixtures. The only way you will need an electrician is if is if the ballast dies. If the ballast goes bad you will need to have the ballast disconnected and the LED T8 tube rewired directed. The LED T8 tubes do not need ballast to be operable. What Can You Use The LED T8 Replacement Tubes For? The LED T8 bulbs are replacing the fluorescent lights, where ever there is a fluorescent light or light fixture. The LED T8 tubes is more commonly used in commercial areas. Such as: parking garages, underground tunnels of any kind that has electricity, underground subway stations, hallways, the lights in the ceiling, storage units. Residential use of a LED T8 replacement tube would be used in the basements, garages, tool sheds. Recap The LED T8 replacement tube is doing just what it is called, it is replacing the fluorescent lighting. The LED T8 bulb is energy efficient, brighter, no flickering. The installation is easy, remove fluorescent light and put in the LED T8 bulb. Only need an electrician if the ballast goes bad. The LED T8 replacement tubes can be used to light up any place residential or commercial.

8 Trivias about Robots and Machines

insect-1767183_640Robots are machines which are designed to mimic different tasks. Here are some interesting facts about robots and machines which are human-like. #1 A cybernetic professor calls himself the first cyborg of the world. Kevin Warwick has a computer chip which is implanted in this left arm and enables him to operate an artificial hand, an electronic wheelchair and doors. #2 The world’s first humanoid robot was introduced in 1939 and was named Elektro. It was 7 feet tall robot that could speak up to 700 words. #3 In 1981 a worker from a Japanese Kawasaki factory was killed when a robotic arm crushed him to death. This was the first ever robot homicide case reported. #4 Japan is home to nearly half a million robots which are being used industrially. #5 The only character from Star Wars movies which appears unchanged is a robot named R2D2. #6 There is a lot of work being done by MIT’s media lab to create robots that are personal and they are making RoCo which is a computer with a monitor in place of a head and neck and Leonardo which is made to give response to emotional cues. #7 The founder of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, Mr. Hans Moravec predicts that in 2040 robots will rise up as their own species. According to him, the robots will be replacing humans at all necessary tasks and will be operating our society progressively well without us. #8 The US military has over 4000 robots which are serving. This includes Talon bots used for explosive detection. They were used to find roadside bombs in Iraq. PackBots were also used unsuccessfully to locate Osama Bin Laden’s secret hideout in Afghanistan.