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How a camera for kids can improve creativity in kids

Children have a great imagination and they are creative. There are some things that parents can do to foster creativity. Getting children a camera (check out best camera for kids) can help them express their creativity and allow them to explore the world around them.

Playing with Colors

Smaller children will get to learn their colors by taking pictures. They can work on the different shades and they can explore colors in the world around them.


The cropping feature on the camera will allow children to bring certain objects to the foreground. They will be able to cut out things in the background and focus on the subject of their picture.

Develop Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words. Children can take pictures of what they see or they can set their toys up in a specific way. They can then download the pictures onto a computer or a tablet. The pictures can be arranged to allow a child to tell a story. They will be able to express their ideas and their thoughts by arranging the pictures in different orders.

Taking up Space

There are some ways that a child can learn to be creative and some things they can do to make something in a picture stand out. They can use the camera to focus on one thing. They will learn how to make a dramatic look at the use of negative space. By learning how to focus on one thing this can make it stand out.

Skill Building

Photography can help a child develop their skills. They can learn hand and eye coordination by taking pictures. A child can also use their pictures to develop critical thinking skills. They can use the pictures to write a story that goes along with it. The child can learn many different skills by taking pictures. In addition to focusing on one object, the child can learn focus and concentration. They will need to be patient to get a good shot and will have an object that will be the focus on the picture.

Technical Skills

Owning a camera can teach a child several technical skills. They will be able to take pictures and then transfer them to the computer or a tablet. Once they are on the computer they can use this technology to edit the pictures. They can play around with the colors, add backgrounds, and access many different editing tools. This will allow a child to learn how to transfer files and they will learn how to work a computer and the different editing tools.

These are some of the ways that a camera can help foster creativity in children. A camera will allow a child to capture the world around them and explore using photos.


One of the most popular tech items to come out in the last five years has to be the Apple Watch. It has been a big achievement in the world of technology. It can track your fitness, answer phone calls, and you can listen to music on it. It has become a big hit. However, since its inception, people have complained about many technological issues with the Apple Watch,. Here are five of the most popular issues that infuriate people regarding the Apple Watch and how to solve them or your can get your apple watch 4 repaired here.



One of the biggest issues Apple Watch users complain about that they are not able to pair it with other devices, especially their IPhones. There are a few solutions that can help with this. First, try turning on and off the Bluetooth and see if it restores the connection. Another solution is to try the Watch on another Wrist to see if the change in distance is a factor in the connection. Finally, you can just simply restart the Watch and see if that helps.



Another big issue that users have with the Apple Watch is that it’s not tracking their fitness activity . Besides restarting the watch, the first thing you should check is that your Watch has Wrist Detection activated which you can do in the Watch App on the IPhone. Also, make sure to enter all your health information into the Health section of the Watch app as well.



A huge problem many Apple Watch users have is that pairing it with the IPhone drains the phone’s battery life fairly quickly. There are two big fixes to this. One fix is to make sure the software on both the watch and phone are updated. If they are and that doesn’t help, try re-paring the watch and phone again.


Probably one of the biggest complaints from users is that the Apple Watch doesn’t charge when plugged in. First thing to do when this happens is to plug it into another outlet to see if it just a bad outlet. Also make sure the charger and sync chord work or see if it works with another one. Also try restarting the watch or doing a reset as well.



Updating the Watch on the software can fix a lot of problems. However, there are times where the software just won’t update, no matter what you do. Besides restarting the Watch and IPhone , the best fix for this is to delete the update on the Watch app on your phone, re-download it, and try installing it.


No more pencils! Here are the top 3 Best Project Management Tools For Productivity Gains

With a mountain of deadline-sensitive tasks to complete, businesses are ever-seeking ways to improve productivity. Most companies employ project management software to boost workforce performance and streamline operational processes. It benefits the enterprise in numerous ways, for example, accommodating remote working options, improving client relationships, and facilitating document sharing. What is more, companies also get to keep processes standardized, where practices, procedures, and policies are consistent across all departments. Adopting sophisticated collaborative tools, ease the burden of manually delegating tasks, managing budgets, collaborating, and onboarding new hires. The top three project management tools for businesses are:


  1. ClickUp: Boost Productivity


With ClickUp by Zeb Evans (click to listen to his podcast on productivity), teams work efficiently and smarter. It is an intuitive platform that has rich features to help users accomplish tasks faster. What is also fascinating is that it facilitates scalability, which makes it an excellent choice for companies of any size. So whether an enterprise has a workforce of one, a few or over 1, 000, ClickUp offers customization solutions. It includes some attractive features such as cost-to-completion tracking, customizable templates, budget management, Gantt Charts, Kanban Board, traditional/Agile methodologies, and more. It also provides 24/7 technical support online. Teams can access various online training resources, including documentation, and join webinars to upskill. The portal allows administrators to schedule face-to-face training sessions as well. ClickUp is compatible with Android, iOS, Apple MAC, Windows, and Cloud, and costs $5 per user monthly.


  1. BaseCamp: Simplify Collaboration


Another productivity optimization tool that entrepreneurs, small groups within an organization, businesses, and freelancers find useful; BaseCamp facilitates up to 99 logins. Although it is not as feature-rich as ClickUp, it keeps everything simplified, which allows quick, seamless implementation across departments. What is more, it provides copious training materials online and webinars to help employees improve their skills. With 24/7 online support, it is possible to minimize downtime and resolve technical issues immediately. BaseCamp is a subscription-based software, which costs $99 per month. Subscribers can use the web version, which runs on Windows, Cloud, and Apple Mac. It is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms.


  1. Trello: Intuitive Collaboration Experience


For a small monthly fee of $9.99, Trello offers a range of services to empower the workforce and improve workflow performance. It is perfect for small, medium-sized and large corporations of all sizes, especially growing enterprises. With a scalable capacity, Trello can onboard as few or as many employees as the team grows. It can facilitate over 1,000 team members at any given time. With its cross-platform capabilities, project managers can share assignments across different applications and integrate their favorite add-on tools. Project managers can organize, prioritize, and schedule tasks efficiently with real-time milestone tracking, portfolio/resource management, Gantt Charts, Agile Methodologies, and more. The interface is user-friendly and well-organized, which allows users to find information easily.


Audio News: Three Ways To Customize Your Airpod Case Your Way

Apple Airpods are all the rave and for a great reason. The tiny wireless earbuds allow you to listen to your favorite music, talk to friends and family, or listen to an audiobook. So when it comes to grabbing the infamous buds and their case, why not put your own twist of style on them? Here are three cool and creative ways to customize your airpod case.


Affordable Skins, Skins, and more Skins 

Well, that sounds strange, or does it? Not at all. Skin change for our favorite items has been a big hit for decades. Many are familiar with the different shells and skins that can be interchangeable with a PS4 controller. Think about doing the same but with your pod case. There are several sites like Etsy and Amazon that are selling different types of skins such as tie-dye, skyscraper view, beach sunset, and many more. There are even sites that allow you to create your own skins and have them delivered to you, they basically help you to make airpod case that is customized to your liking.


Neon Covers, Stickers, Shells

As mentioned above there are shells and covers that can be used on the Airpod cases. This customization can include neon rubber covers that can be personalized with a name or favorite band. Or try out stickers and go back to the 90s era. The stickers are also something that can be purchased at a cheap price and you don’t have to go over budget in order to customize your pod case. Try Walmart or a craft store like Hobby lobby for some inspiration. Along with stickers and shells, let creativity flow by purchasing stick on gems or designer Acrylic paint. One cool thing to do is combine several colours in a bowl and use a toothpick to swirl the colours. Get a blank shell or plain white cover and dip in the bowl. Allow it to dry and you now have one cool looking shell that costed about $5!


Last but not least, Leather cases

Leather cases can be something simple or you can do all out. This means the stitching can be customized or having something engraved on the case. Once again there are sites that allow you to customize your cases even if they are leather and the stitching can be done by someone on Etsy or at home. The best way to do the engraving at home is to have some knowledge or Google to make sure your case doesn’t get ruined. This can be done without an embroidery or engraving machine – but best to have one or ask to borrow one in the future. What is cool about this neat trick is you can dye the case to whatever color you would like. This should best be left to a professional to ensure that the dye doesn’t come off the case and leak on to any important clothing or items.


#Tip: Clean your airpods frequently!

Just keep them clean, guys. It’s not that hard, just go on youtube and you’ll find tooooons of video on how to clean them:

What is Robotic Engineering all about?

Robotics Engineering is a relatively new field of engineering which is solely related to building and improving robots. A robotics engineer spends most of his time designing and planning to make newer and more efficient robots. It also involves designing of processes on which the robots run and also the making of machines which will assemble the robots. The rest of the time is spend on assembly, building and testing of the robots.

circles-1531739_640To answer the question simply, robotics engineering is totally dedicated to robots – their designing, building, configuration, assembly, testing and improvement. Software systems to control the robotic systems are also designed. Many robotic systems are designed to automate the processes of specific industries to increase their precision levels and production.

The robotics engineer closely analysed and then evaluated the designs and builds a prototype which is tested and improved with further analysis. This is a never ending work because the technology is evolving and advancing rapidly with every passing day.

Robotics Engineering is a new but very exciting field because man has always been fascinated by God’s work and this fascination has lead him to try and make machines which replicate the God’s creation or make something similar to it nonetheless. Robots with highly efficient artificial intelligence are being made but still man has a long way to go to create something which is somewhere close to the God’s creation.

Robotics engineering involves a lot of research related to the designing, production, operation and use of the robotic systems. Most of this research is dedicated to finding solutions to automate the industrial tasks. Moreover, there is a good amount of research done on improving artificial intelligence and now the work is being done to understand and replicate human emotions and make the robots learn to express them. It is believed that someday the robots may become efficient enough to take the place of humans but still there is long way to go.


8 Trivias about Robots and Machines

insect-1767183_640Robots are machines which are designed to mimic different tasks. Here are some interesting facts about robots and machines which are human-like.


A cybernetic professor calls himself the first cyborg of the world. Kevin Warwick has a computer chip which is implanted in this left arm and enables him to operate an artificial hand, an electronic wheelchair and doors.


The world’s first humanoid robot was introduced in 1939 and was named Elektro. It was 7 feet tall robot that could speak up to 700 words.


In 1981 a worker from a Japanese Kawasaki factory was killed when a robotic arm crushed him to death. This was the first ever robot homicide case reported.


Japan is home to nearly half a million robots which are being used industrially.


The only character from Star Wars movies which appears unchanged is a robot named R2D2.


There is a lot of work being done by MIT’s media lab to create robots that are personal and they are making RoCo which is a computer with a monitor in place of a head and neck and Leonardo which is made to give response to emotional cues.


The founder of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, Mr. Hans Moravec predicts that in 2040 robots will rise up as their own species. According to him, the robots will be replacing humans at all necessary tasks and will be operating our society progressively well without us.


The US military has over 4000 robots which are serving. This includes Talon bots used for explosive detection. They were used to find roadside bombs in Iraq. PackBots were also used unsuccessfully to locate Osama Bin Laden’s secret hideout in Afghanistan.