Apple Airpods are all the rave and for a great reason. The tiny wireless earbuds allow you to listen to your favorite music, talk to friends and family, or listen to an audiobook. So when it comes to grabbing the infamous buds and their case, why not put your own twist of style on them? Here are three cool and creative ways to customize your airpod case.


Affordable Skins, Skins, and more Skins 

Well, that sounds strange, or does it? Not at all. Skin change for our favorite items has been a big hit for decades. Many are familiar with the different shells and skins that can be interchangeable with a PS4 controller. Think about doing the same but with your pod case. There are several sites like Etsy and Amazon that are selling different types of skins such as tie-dye, skyscraper view, beach sunset, and many more. There are even sites that allow you to create your own skins and have them delivered to you, they basically help you to make airpod case that is customized to your liking.


Neon Covers, Stickers, Shells

As mentioned above there are shells and covers that can be used on the Airpod cases. This customization can include neon rubber covers that can be personalized with a name or favorite band. Or try out stickers and go back to the 90s era. The stickers are also something that can be purchased at a cheap price and you don’t have to go over budget in order to customize your pod case. Try Walmart or a craft store like Hobby lobby for some inspiration. Along with stickers and shells, let creativity flow by purchasing stick on gems or designer Acrylic paint. One cool thing to do is combine several colours in a bowl and use a toothpick to swirl the colours. Get a blank shell or plain white cover and dip in the bowl. Allow it to dry and you now have one cool looking shell that costed about $5!


Last but not least, Leather cases

Leather cases can be something simple or you can do all out. This means the stitching can be customized or having something engraved on the case. Once again there are sites that allow you to customize your cases even if they are leather and the stitching can be done by someone on Etsy or at home. The best way to do the engraving at home is to have some knowledge or Google to make sure your case doesn’t get ruined. This can be done without an embroidery or engraving machine – but best to have one or ask to borrow one in the future. What is cool about this neat trick is you can dye the case to whatever color you would like. This should best be left to a professional to ensure that the dye doesn’t come off the case and leak on to any important clothing or items.


#Tip: Clean your airpods frequently!

Just keep them clean, guys. It’s not that hard, just go on youtube and you’ll find tooooons of video on how to clean them: