Everyone knows that likes and followers can be bought on my social media sites. Instagram is a popular place for sharing photos and videos. It may be a shame that it is owned by Facebook in the minds of some people, but the problem of the social media giant storing passwords in cleartext has now been solved. Someone who wants to boost their visibility on social media needs to get likes. At least this is true for a specific post. For someone’s account to gain more attention, the account holder needs to get more followers.

Everyone wants the things they create to go viral, but this is often difficult to achieve. Some people decide to do this without help, others decide to short circuit that process. Viral marketing is the process of short circuiting the process, and it is often referred to as a long-term game. Getting things to build up slowly is not exactly what most people want to do. They need to speed the process up. For a single post, it’s best to by followers.

Are there other reasons to buy Instagram likes on a single post? It may just be for reasons of vanity. If someone has done something they are proud of, they may not like if the product or piece of art goes unnoticed. No one wants something they put out in the world to share to go completely ignored. This is even true for independent game developers who produce products like Petty Theft Moped: Terre Haute Stories. Yes, the latter is a real product, and it has gone largely unnoticed since its release. This is a good example of someone who should buy Instagram likes to promote their game.

People who want to promote their own product should learn from the example given above. Nothing grows without the proper attention. Sometimes even giving something all the attention someone can give it is not enough. If someone cannot get something to grow on its own, it may be time to call in a professional who knows the process better. There is no shame in doing so. No one can be an expert on everything, and despite Robert A. Heinlein’s assertions, specialization is for more animals than insects.

The Internet makes it easier for someone to buy likes on Instagram. Everyone knows how to do a simple web search. Instead of just waiting for people to discover a post on their own, why not help the process a long by giving it more likes? There are additional tricks that the person can use to gain more likes, but these require the investment of time, thought and energy. Letting someone else do these things for a small business owner just makes sense.

If a small business owner needs to save time and is willing to spend a little money, he can buy followers for his Instagram post. The business owner who does this can spend the time saved by focusing on the core tasks of his business.