Promotional Stickers

Promotional Stickers can be your business’s next marketing tool to improve your profitability. Your business stickers can be your brand name or your slogan. With the good design and an appealing message, your business stickers will be shown off by your future customers. How do you come up with business stickers so appealing your customers will want to buy the stickers? By having a design and message that appeals to your customer’s needs not just your business marketing needs.

Effective Marketing Today

We all know effective marketing is about relationships. Any effective marketing tool whether it is business stickers or any other marketing product should offer valve and benefit to the potential customer. Without offering the potential buyer these two things, your best marketing strategy will be lost.

That brings us to custom sticker printing marketing. Sticker marketing offers the business owner low costs and a very high exposure marketing tool. Of course, like any other marketing tool, sticker marketing needs to have a proper plan, design, and execution to maximize the full effect.

From Bumper Stickers To Today’s Advertising Stickers

If you are of age, you probably remember the old “bumper stickers” of years past. Those big, rectangular stickers that were on car bumpers advertising the latest “had to get product.” Well, today advertising stickers come in all shapes and sizes. Today there are stickers for windows, water bottles, tablets, laptops, signs, just to name a few!

Business Stickers And Its Impact On Social Media

What is business stickers’ impact on social media? Actually, promotional stickers are the physical form of social media. This physical form of social media applies to post, pinning, and tagging these promotional stickers, almost identical to people using social media tools today. That is why your business needs to be using these very low-cost promotional tools. When designed and distributed in the right way, business stickers provide an economical form of exposure. In addition, business stickers provide great word-of-mouth advertising.

Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

We already determined business stickers provide fantastic word-of-mouth advertising. A recent survey showed that word-of-mouth advertising carries a success rate of 90% convincing customers to try new brands. That being said, currently, most businesses still do not consider business stickers as promotional products for them to use. Well, as they say, “the numbers do not lie.”

The Power Of Business Stickers

What is the true beauty of business stickers? To the customer, they are not perceived as advertising at all. To the average customer, they come across as personal endorsements and a badge of support for their favorite product.

Great Locations And Spots To Use Your Business Stickers

Sent Them To Your Customers

Put a few stickers when you sent out your orders. Your customers will think you send them a gift. They also will give out these “gifts” to their family and friends. What a great form of “word-of-mouth” advertising!

Use Promotional Stickers On Your Storefront Windows

Using promotional stickers on your storefront windows is a great way to show off your sale offers. This form of advertising is much more effective than having an associate handing out sale flyers.