With a mountain of deadline-sensitive tasks to complete, businesses are ever-seeking ways to improve productivity. Most companies employ project management software to boost workforce performance and streamline operational processes. It benefits the enterprise in numerous ways, for example, accommodating remote working options, improving client relationships, and facilitating document sharing. What is more, companies also get to keep processes standardized, where practices, procedures, and policies are consistent across all departments. Adopting sophisticated collaborative tools, ease the burden of manually delegating tasks, managing budgets, collaborating, and onboarding new hires. The top three project management tools for businesses are:


  1. ClickUp: Boost Productivity


With ClickUp by Zeb Evans (click to listen to his podcast on productivity), teams work efficiently and smarter. It is an intuitive platform that has rich features to help users accomplish tasks faster. What is also fascinating is that it facilitates scalability, which makes it an excellent choice for companies of any size. So whether an enterprise has a workforce of one, a few or over 1, 000, ClickUp offers customization solutions. It includes some attractive features such as cost-to-completion tracking, customizable templates, budget management, Gantt Charts, Kanban Board, traditional/Agile methodologies, and more. It also provides 24/7 technical support online. Teams can access various online training resources, including documentation, and join webinars to upskill. The portal allows administrators to schedule face-to-face training sessions as well. ClickUp is compatible with Android, iOS, Apple MAC, Windows, and Cloud, and costs $5 per user monthly.


  1. BaseCamp: Simplify Collaboration


Another productivity optimization tool that entrepreneurs, small groups within an organization, businesses, and freelancers find useful; BaseCamp facilitates up to 99 logins. Although it is not as feature-rich as ClickUp, it keeps everything simplified, which allows quick, seamless implementation across departments. What is more, it provides copious training materials online and webinars to help employees improve their skills. With 24/7 online support, it is possible to minimize downtime and resolve technical issues immediately. BaseCamp is a subscription-based software, which costs $99 per month. Subscribers can use the web version, which runs on Windows, Cloud, and Apple Mac. It is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms.


  1. Trello: Intuitive Collaboration Experience


For a small monthly fee of $9.99, Trello offers a range of services to empower the workforce and improve workflow performance. It is perfect for small, medium-sized and large corporations of all sizes, especially growing enterprises. With a scalable capacity, Trello can onboard as few or as many employees as the team grows. It can facilitate over 1,000 team members at any given time. With its cross-platform capabilities, project managers can share assignments across different applications and integrate their favorite add-on tools. Project managers can organize, prioritize, and schedule tasks efficiently with real-time milestone tracking, portfolio/resource management, Gantt Charts, Agile Methodologies, and more. The interface is user-friendly and well-organized, which allows users to find information easily.