One of the most popular tech items to come out in the last five years has to be the Apple Watch. It has been a big achievement in the world of technology. It can track your fitness, answer phone calls, and you can listen to music on it. It has become a big hit. However, since its inception, people have complained about many technological issues with the Apple Watch,. Here are five of the most popular issues that infuriate people regarding the Apple Watch and how to solve them or your can get your apple watch 4 repaired here.



One of the biggest issues Apple Watch users complain about that they are not able to pair it with other devices, especially their IPhones. There are a few solutions that can help with this. First, try turning on and off the Bluetooth and see if it restores the connection. Another solution is to try the Watch on another Wrist to see if the change in distance is a factor in the connection. Finally, you can just simply restart the Watch and see if that helps.



Another big issue that users have with the Apple Watch is that it’s not tracking their fitness activity . Besides restarting the watch, the first thing you should check is that your Watch has Wrist Detection activated which you can do in the Watch App on the IPhone. Also, make sure to enter all your health information into the Health section of the Watch app as well.



A huge problem many Apple Watch users have is that pairing it with the IPhone drains the phone’s battery life fairly quickly. There are two big fixes to this. One fix is to make sure the software on both the watch and phone are updated. If they are and that doesn’t help, try re-paring the watch and phone again.


Probably one of the biggest complaints from users is that the Apple Watch doesn’t charge when plugged in. First thing to do when this happens is to plug it into another outlet to see if it just a bad outlet. Also make sure the charger and sync chord work or see if it works with another one. Also try restarting the watch or doing a reset as well.



Updating the Watch on the software can fix a lot of problems. However, there are times where the software just won’t update, no matter what you do. Besides restarting the Watch and IPhone , the best fix for this is to delete the update on the Watch app on your phone, re-download it, and try installing it.