LED T8 tube is a light that is replacing the fluorescent lights. The LED T8 tubes are similar to the fluorescent bulbs, except the design and material is different. The LED T8 bulbs are made of plastic not glass, there is no mercury in them, no filaments and there is no argon gas and any other type of gas that goes into the fluorescent tubes.

The LED T8 bulb has a lot of little tiny lights on a pc board. The back of the pc board are capacitors. The capacitors are connected to a positive wire and a negative wire, which is then connected to the end of the light.

The Purpose Of The LED T8 Replacement Tube

The LED T8 bulbs are made to be more energy efficient then the fluorescent lights. The LED T8 bulbs consume less electricity, so the energy bill will be less. The LED T8 lights do not flicker when it’s about to stop working nor does it flicker in the cold or when it has to warm up. The LED T8 tubes are so much brighter. The reason for this is that the LED T8 has a lot of little tiny light throughout the whole tube, whereas the fluorescent light only has the two filaments (one on each end)to light up with nothing in the middle.

Installation Of The LED T8 Replacement Tubes

Installing the LED T8 replacement tubes is really easy. Take the fluorescent tube out and replace it with the LED T8 tube. There is no need for an electrician, most LED tubes work in the fluorescent light fixtures. The only way you will need an electrician is if is if the ballast dies. If the ballast goes bad you will need to have the ballast disconnected and the LED T8 tube rewired directed. The LED T8 tubes do not need ballast to be operable.

What Can You Use The LED T8 Replacement Tubes For?

The LED T8 bulbs are replacing the fluorescent lights, where ever there is a fluorescent light or light fixture. The LED T8 tubes is more commonly used in commercial areas. Such as: parking garages, underground tunnels of any kind that has electricity, underground subway stations, hallways, the lights in the ceiling, storage units. Residential use of a LED T8 replacement tube would be used in the basements, garages, tool sheds.


The LED T8 replacement tube is doing just what it is called, it is replacing the fluorescent lighting. The LED T8 bulb is energy efficient, brighter, no flickering. The installation is easy, remove fluorescent light and put in the LED T8 bulb. Only need an electrician if the ballast goes bad. The LED T8 replacement tubes can be used to light up any place residential or commercial.