What are brandable domains?

The internet is an interesting place because it puts everybody on a sort of equal playing field when it comes to carving out a living. As one of the true ‘final frontiers’ in business there are many ways to get ahead and make a couple of extra dollars. One popular way, which has been going on since the internet really ‘boomed’, is the act of buying brandable domains and then selling them at a later date. Let’s dig into what brandable domains are and how you can make some spare cash with them.

What are brandable domains?

A domain is an address that you type into your browser in order to access its digital destination. Companies want lucrative domains because they are easy to remember and a good indicator of their product. The trick with making money on domains is to buy a domain before it is needed by the aforementioned company. that way as soon as the company starts to grow, they can then come to you and purchase the domain — hopefully for a nice chunk of change.

So how do you go about getting brandable domains?

Well, first you will want to spend some time with a registrar in order to learn what domains are available.

Pick an industry that you like or even just a niche you are familiar with: entertainment, sports, technology and so on. Once you’ve done that you should start buying up all of the simple domains available that you believe can have value in the future. Consider upcoming projects, like a famous movie that is due for release in a year or two, or even look up tech funding news to see what companies may be on the verge of breaking out. This is a great way to get your hands on a domain that can end up worth some serious cash.

You can also check out domain marketplaces that already did the groundwork and offer a variety of highly valuable auction domains that you can use for your own projects or re-sell.